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Four members of a family were brutally murdered by friends: don't get used to those who only ask for it!

????Source | Table View of Life (ID: zzdshg)

????Two days ago, I saw a news report from Qilu Evening News.

????A brother found a passenger's bag worth 30,000 yuan. When he offered to return the bag, he gave the taxi meter to the passenger at the cost.

????But some passengers disagree with the fare, complaining to the taxi company and even to the police station.

????It's you who lost something. I'm kind to give it back to you. Why should I pay for it? The driver should type his watch.

????For this matter, the table is the opinion, but some netizens have been quarrelling.

????They feel that the driver should give it away for free, and that good things can be done to the end, and that it was lost in a taxi.

????I don't know what's wrong with the brains of these people, but it's obvious that it's totally a robber logic, a typical acquisitive personality.

????This kind of person only considers his own interests and standpoints in everything. As for how others are doing, whether others are kind enough to help you, he won't care about it.

????In their eyes, only interests, can extract a point is a point, no matter what happens, whether they are right or wrong, as long as they encounter interests, all of them have to tear their faces for the sake of interests and you.

????Such a person, the author also met in space.

????A colleague asked him to borrow 20,000 yuan to buy a house. He said he would pay back the provident fund. He lent it generously.

????Half a year later, my colleagues did not move. He asked about the situation and almost died of anger.

????Colleagues said, the house is not good, has not been bought, as for the 20,000 yuan, I saved a regular, but also generate some interest. If you don't need it badly, let me keep it. House prices are soaring and I can earn one point.

????There's a real face to face opening this excuse. Money is to help you out, not to make money for you. The abacus is so good, why don't I keep my own bank to earn interest?

????Later, after more than two years of fierce chase, colleagues were extremely reluctant to pay back the money, hate to leave a sentence: no longer borrow money from you.

????It was a great honor to be borrowed from him. If you really have the guts and don't borrow money, people will wake up laughing when they dream.

????Some people's selfishness, is flowing in the blood, can only accept other people's help and goodwill, but never thought of return.

????Many readers should have met people who treat relatives or friends with their hearts out. In fact, they regard us as cash machines. When you saddle up for them, people still call us silly behind their backs.

????Employ people forward, not backward. With such a person for a long time, the other side only blindly demand, a sincere will be constantly trampled.

????I know that a writer's family has a house in Emperor, which has been rented to his father's colleagues for many years.

????Over the years, despite the rocket-like surge in house prices in Emperor's capital, his father never raised the price of a penny.

????The weather is unexpected. Later, when his father died of cancer, he never forgot to explain that no matter how the market price changed in the future, as long as the family was willing to continue renting, they would never increase the price.

????Less than a month after his father died, the colleague offered to buy the house for 41,000 yuan.

Less than a month after his father died, the colleague offered to buy the house for 41, 000 yuan.

????According to the market price, the house is worth at least 81,000 yuan.

????He talked about the house as useless. He also said that it was a long time old. He also said that there was a leak somewhere. He also said that the property facilities were not perfect.

????To sum up, I think the price given to you in the face of a deceased friend is not worth it at all.

????After expressing his refusal, some of the colleague's dogs jumped the wall and said that your orphans and widows had no income and that it would be good for someone to buy your house. Why, I want to start with the floor price!

????She never imagined that her father had helped them so much before he died. As a result, the dead body was still in the cold, and people began to hit the house.

????Not only don't you miss your father's kindness, it's like talking about buying your own house as a charity.

????I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen such shameless people.

????Later, the conversation broke up in a bad mood, and a lot of dog blood stories passed through the middle. Finally, my colleague gave up the rent.

????But he kept chewing his tongue outside, spreading rumors and exposing his ugly face.

????British writer Thackeray said that if a person, after receiving great kindness and then against the benefactor's purpose, he should take care of his own dignity, must be more vicious than unrelated strangers, he must prove the other side's guilt in order to explain his ruthless and unjust.

????Many people are like this. He expected you to help him with 10 points, but you helped him with 7 points. Instead of thanking you, he felt that you owed him 3 points. This is why so many people in the world are contrary to each other.








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